Satisfaction: The Goats of Bagan

Goats in Bagan_LGuy (2)

Last April 2017, my brother and I embarked on a three-week backpacking journey in Southeast Asia. One of the last legs of our trip was in Myanmar – we entered the country through Mandalay, rode a van to Bagan, and then took a bus to Yangon.

Myanmar was definitely the hottest country we’ve visited. This was especially true when we reached the Cultural zone of Bagan – the temperatures were above 100 F. And because we only had limited time in the region, my brother explored hundreds of temples with our bike rentals (the other choice was electric bikes). As we explored the city with unforgiving climate (note that Bagan is already dry, arid, and humid), seeing these goats provided some satisfaction – apparently we weren’t the only ones looking for shade!


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