Bethesda Fountain in Central Park | Couch to 8K

Today, I woke up early again for a quick morning jog with my friends. The Vancouver marathon is exactly a week away, and I have not really been training for it.

Today, there was a lot of people and families in Central Park. A 3-mile run was scheduled this morning, and so we also ran with the participants to boost our energy and to keep moving forward. 

Here’s a lovely picture of the Bethesda fountains. Spring is really in tbe city!!!

A first look at spring in NYC

We all remember how the official first day of Spring in NYC was. It looked something like this:   But when I had a jog early afternoon today, the weather was very pleasant!  See those petals floating? Those are cherry blossoms and boy, they’re ready to be in full bloom in a matter of days!      

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Motion.”

Bow Bridge and the Lake

Bow Bridge and the Lake on one cold February afternoon

The Bow Bridge is named as such because its graceful shape suggests the bow of a violinist or an archer. Located in Central Park, this bridge is one of the most photographed places in New York. You might recall MJ telling Peter “There’s someone else” in Spiderman 3 (2007) or Finn and Rachel in Glee meeting in this very spot.

Here are some photos I took last May:

“Row your boat”
“Christine Hall will you marry me”