Cherry blossoms and tulips in Brooklyn Botanic Garden

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Forces of Nature.”

Spring is my favorite season. And this calls to mind blooming flowers and life coming back to the city after a harsh and long winter. I always look forward to going to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to go see the cherry blossoms and tulips. They have free admission (or donate-as-you-wish) on Saturdays from 10-12PM. However, if you have an NYC ID (which is free, by the way, and it’s a nice picture ID), you can get free one-year memberships to city museums, BBG included. Even though the city’s museums are mostly non-profit, which means that you can really donate and pay-as-you-wish (instead of paying the stated admission price), having this NYC ID perk is a great addition.

Here are some pictures I’ve taken today!






IMG_7906 IMG_7904 IMG_7888

After the storm

Hurricane Sandy has taken its toll on New Yorkers and it was just yesterday that MTA restored train service between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Yesterday, I decided to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden – I haven’t had the time to go there this fall. Some trees in the garden were uprooted and only limited sections were open for the day. Good thing none of the garden’s prized cherry trees were harmed.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

I’d like to share with you this picture of Coney Island boardwalk – a place that only lives on the memories of summer. Have you read the book “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom? When I first laid my eyes on Coney Island’s boardwalk and Brighton Beach, the first thing that came to mind was the setting of the first few chapters of that wonderful book.

Thought that the photo looks better in sepia, thus giving a glimpse of the old charm that the place is known for.

Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden

Perfect setting for a romantic scene in a Koreanovela

Japan? Nah. This is the beautiful Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which offers free admission during Tuesdays. I love, love, love this place! Let me share the photos I took last Spring:

Torii, a traditional Japanese gate which marks a Shinto shrine

Japanese maple tree

Brooklyn Botanic Garden – 1000 Washington Ave  Brooklyn, New York 11225

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