2014 in review: toronto, ca

It’s been a while since I posted pictures from my adventures. 2014 has been a very good year, travel-wise. So in this post and in the ones that follow, I’ll be posting some pictures from my travels during the year that was.

Hope all is well, guys. NYC, be safe and keep warm during this snow storm!


In September 2014, Chris and I embarked on a road trip from NYC to Montreal, then Toronto, then Niagara Falls.

Here are some pictures of the Toronto skyline viewed from the CN Tower. Chris and I took my mom to lunch in the CN Tower – if you happen to be in Toronto, I think that CN Tower is not to be missed. Sure lunch is overpriced, but what you’re paying for is really the views of the city. They have very yummy chocolate lava cake!



Here’s the Harbourfront, viewed from the little ferry tour that we had:


As much as possible, I refrain from posting pictures of people. But this next photo is dedicated to Chris, who earlier today wondered if he’ll ever make it to my blog. Here you go my love:


Stay tuned for my next posts!

2 thoughts on “2014 in review: toronto, ca

  1. bakit wala ang Vancouver? :-p
    miss you Annie. you’ve always been an inspiration.
    hope you and Chris are well 🙂 happy honeymooning.

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