Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

For this week’s photo challenge, I chose to write about the Philippine Independence Day Parade in NYC this June 2nd.

“It’s more fun in the Philippines”, so our official Tourism slogan says.

It’s amazing to see the large number of Filipinos who congregated in the Madison Square Park to celebrate this special day.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

  1. Awesome shots! And it’s so cool that Pinoys really give importance to this kind of events. A proud Pinoy over here!

    1. Yes, I condone the practice too. But what you should know is that:
      (1) eating of dog meat is limited to a finite number of isolated cases (clearly, the media is to be blamed for this inaccurate portrayal), mostly out of need. Note that while the country posted impressive growth rates, a huge chunk of the population lives w/ less than a $1 a day. It’s not like dog meat is being sold for mass consumption nor is it a delicacy that one can enjoy in a whim.
      (2) I won’t say that this practice is embedded in my culture. What we need to understand is that cultures have unique practices that we need to respect, no matter how inappropriate those seem (Hindus don’t stop Americans from eating beef). We view the world using our own cultural lenses and make judgments based on our own biases. Therefore, we should always be aware of our own ignorance of other cultures and be wary of hasty generalization.

      Traveling, which I think we both have a passion for, clearly cures us of our own blindness.

      Honestly, I was a bit taken aback by your comment and thought I should take care in crafting my response. But I appreciate it, and thanks for dropping by!

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