Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in my Life


There is real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment. ~ Norman Vincent Peale

A day in my life is characterized by a series of mini ups and downs, of boredom and excitement, of thoughts of the past and the future. The type of work that I do requires a lot of focus and concentration that I barely speak a word with colleagues, albeit unintentionally.

Magis is a Latin word which means “to be more”, “to go beyond the call of duty”. The Jesuits clearly have deeply ingrained their philosophy in me, as magis is something that I strive to incorporate in my daily life.

I’ve read somewhere that goals and positive thinking are much more achievable through repetition and if set into writing. I feel that I need a constant reminder to excel, because I know there is no other option but to do my best in everything that I do.



A penny for your thoughts

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