On Mathematical Maturity

Math is my first love. I have always been fascinated by the fact that every thing could be expressed and simplified into a mathematical expression. I find it funny, too, that the credit agreements and bond indentures I read and analyze everyday could be viewed as a series of If-Then statements – If X happens, then lenders could resort to either Y or Z.

Mathematics is everywhere; it is anything but boring. My professors in college would say that our classes were supposed to help develop our “mathematical maturity”. But the greatest and lasting learning that I got is the unique way of thinking objectively and deriving answers from considering all possible scenarios, relevant facts, and assumptions.

That’s why I was really stoked about the Museum of Mathematics, the only museum of its kind in the U.S. MoMath is sponsored by a number of companies such as Google – you’ll notice that the museum’s colors and logo are similar to that of Google’s. It’s nice to know that companies are investing on institutions like MoMath to increase the public’s appreciation for the discipline.

I thank my parents (my Dad, most especially) for shaping my love of mathematics and for letting me pursue my dreams.


A penny for your thoughts

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