Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

Yes, the second week of 2013 has just closed in and this post’s two weeks due, but let me take this opportunity to reflect about 2012 and to share how I’ve grown this past year. There were a lot of things to be grateful for – even missed chances and missed trains, bitter tears, and failures – and I’m glad to have shared it with people who understood and mattered the most.

The overarching emotion that I had for 2012 was one of excitement, as I braved and welcomed the uncertainty that was What happens after graduation? I knew what I wanted to do but had no concrete plans of achieving that goal. I guess the intrinsic problem was well within me: procrastination and shortsightedness. Being a control freak, I tend to become apprehensive when faced with things that I cannot control.

I guess history has a funny way of repeating itself until you learn from your mistakes. So I learned, little by little, to just let go and let God.  Attempting to control the situation is but a futile, fruitless effort but I can always change my perceptions and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. 2013 is ridden with more uncertainty as I have no idea where I’ll be come February. I know I’m not yet ready to go back home (that’s for sure), but I have faith that wherever I find myself in the future, I know I’ll be at my best and will continue to be the cheerful person that I am.

As Virgil aptly puts it, “Perhaps someday we will look upon these things with joy.” This 2013, let us be bold and take chances.


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