Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

IMG_0022bMost likely to run a regression using her Blackberry as a way to calm her nerves before graduation. Now, isn’t that award a wonderful surprise?

I got this award during my class graduation more than a year ago. Really funny how this “superlative” perfectly captures my personality. Just a little backgrounder: when I went to South Africa for a study abroad August 2011, I didn’t bring my own laptop (because I thought the school was near our dorms and that we could use the computer lab anytime) and so I had to write my final paper in MS Word and work on calculating data in MS Excel on my Blackberry. And it also has to do with my being a math major at some point in my life. A few friends and I went skydiving a few months before graduation – I was really scared but I’m glad I’ve done it. Funny, too, that right after we came to back to New York after skydiving in Pennsylvania, I still had the energy to go to a secret show of The Fray over at the Lower East Side.

So, why is this a surprise? Because if I were to look back at my self three or four years ago, there’s just no way that I would’ve or could’ve done what I just mentioned above. My past self was risk-averse and content with the here and now, not thinking of what’s more, of what’s out there.

Indeed, it’s surprising how life works things out and turns things around. If life gives you lemons, squeeze the juice and MAKE LEMONADE out of it.

Here’s to more surprises that life would throw my way, to the lemons that I’ll make lemonade out of, and to the bullets that I am about to dodge.


A penny for your thoughts

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