Castles in Thousand Islands

Alster Tower on Heart Island

After exploring Niagara Falls (click here for my previous post about the beauty that is Niagara Falls), we headed for the Thousand Islands Region in Alexandria Bay, NY where we ventured on a boat cruise along the St. Lawrence River.

The place was packed when we went there – a lot of tour groups were scheduled to board the boat with us. It’s hard to take photos with tourists snapping at the same landmark, at the same time. Apparently, the Thousand Islands Region and the cruise itself were a top tourist attraction in upstate NY.

Alster Tower and Boldt Castle on Heart Island

The Thousand Islands region is home to the (filthy) rich and famous. I wonder how it feels like to live in your own castle, in your own island. The Alster Tower was intended for the entertainment of guests visiting the island. The Boldt Castle is a 120-room Rhineland-style castle – George Boldt, general manager of the famed Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in NYC, and his family spent many summers in this private home.

The Power House, built to hold a generator to provide the island with electricity
This small island is called “Just Room Enough” – small enough to fit one room.


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