Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Acer Palmatum, Japanese maple tree (“Shishio improved”)

Bonsai trees represent the three virtues of truth, goodness, and beauty according to Japanese tradition.

There is a fine balance that exists between allowing growth and restricting it at the same time. This is an art in itself – a skilled bonsai artist strives to keep this balance in check. While bonsai need to be pruned on a regular basis in order to keep their diminutive size, these trees must also be allowed to grow new roots and branches so they remain healthy and attain perfect silhouette.

I find that this metaphor also applies to real life. While we need unrestricted growth to realize our own potential, certain things do happen that may not fit perfectly to the Great plan that we had in mind. We might not know it at the time (nor have the ability to recognize it), but challenges only make us stronger. Scarred for life, but we become better.

Whatever you’re going through, I believe that there’s a master bonsai artist that continually finds this balance between pruning and growth. Keep smiling – C’est la Vie!


A penny for your thoughts

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