Colosseo Roma

Colosseo, the largest amphitheater built by the Roman Empire

May 20, 2011. I remember feeling extremely tired from walking around ancient Rome, thinking that it might be the longest walk I’ve had and will ever have.

Colosseo – Anfiteatro Flavio.

I walked and walked along a well-trodden path as I marveled at the ancient grandeur that the city offered. Then I realized that it stood there, right in front of me. I caught myself standing in awe of this mega-structure, as it was nothing like I’ve imagined.

That moment reminded me of how blessed I was to have eyes that see beauty in everything I see. Right then and there, a little smile crept into my face and the unbearable pain in my feet seemed to have vanished into thin air.


P.S. A ticket includes entrance to the Roman Forum and Colosseum. I first went to the Roman Forum and got inside  the Colosseum a little more than an hour before its closing time. The queue to go inside the Colosseum is always long – it’s always best to go early in the morning or late in the afternoon. And maybe read up a little about its history, as you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship better with those little bits of info in mind.


10 thoughts on “Colosseo Roma

  1. Hi Annie,

    Thanks for sharing this! Very timely :). I will have a quick visit to Rome before I head to Milan. Is it possible for me to see Colosseo and the Vatican in one day? From the itinerary I am searching they advise at least 2 days. Any advise and tips from you will be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

    PS – a little off the topic, how is safety in Rome for a woman traveling alone? Thanks again!


    1. Hello again, Mafey! I stayed in Rome for two days, as my friends suggested that I allot a day for “pagan Rome” and another for “Catholic Rome/Vatican”. I did a free walking tour (I was a poor grad student at the time, haha) of the city on both days. The first tour ended at the Vatican so I went off to see the basilica (dress code applies) and the museum (better to buy tickets online). My professor mentioned that he was able to get a tour of St. Peter’s tomb but he had booked it well in advance ( There’s a post office in the museum and you could send postcards right there (I thought it was pretty cool). I got some rose petal rosaries from the stores at the side of the Vatican and they sure made for great pasalubong. Then the tour the next day ended at the Colosseum so I went to see its interior then explored Palatine Hill and Roman Forum because they’re a stone’s throw away from each other. You can just imagine how tiring that day was. =))

      It was my first time traveling alone when I went to Italy. Doing a walking tour turned out to be a really good idea because I got to know the city from the point of view of a local. Also, you’ll get to meet some fellow travelers that could keep you company during your trip. Rome is not as clean as other western European countries but it’s a pretty safe place. However, pickpockets and gypsies abound in major tourist attractions, so just be mindful of your surroundings and keep in mind the usual travel safety reminders. Are you going to any other cities in Italy besides Rome and Milan? Hope this helps! 🙂

      1. Hi Annie, wow thank you so much for the detailed tips and info. I like sending postcards. That’s the first stuff I look for every time I visit a new place. Thanks again! You’re so kind :-).

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