Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

The Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo at the center panel

Another idea I have for this week’s photo challenge: a slice of the interior of the Cappella Sistina (Sistine Chapel).

I am a fan of history and art, but this most wonderful experience was something else. By the time the guards ushered me into the Cappella Sistina, I took my time to be amazed at the craftsmanship. Even though I wished for more peace and quiet, a lot of tourists had gathered in the room, each one completely stunned (or confused, maybe) of what lay before their eyes. The guards hushed the crowd (by shouting “Silenzio!”) every five minutes or so, but to no avail.

I remember sitting quietly at a corner of the chapel as I caught my breath after a long day’s walk. Days before that I was always in a hurry and it was really nice to just sit there, to put my head on the wall as I looked up and admired Michaelangelo’s work. I know that moment will last forever.

Photography (with or without flash) isn’t allowed inside the Sistine Chapel. But after saying my prayers, I just can’t leave without snapping a quick photo of the famous The Creation of Adam (I used my phone just so it would be less conspicuous)

I’ve always been overwhelmed by this particular masterpiece – the idea of God, driven by His love, reaching out to a passive Adam holds a certain grain of truth about our humanity and God’s divinity. It’s something I hold dear, as this is a reminder that He is constantly reaching out, eagerly waiting for my response.


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