A little slice of USA’s 236th

How did you spend your Fourth of July? My friends and I had lunch and cooled ourselves off at Columbus Circle then watched the Amazing Spider-man at Times Square after we figured that we just can’t wait for 4 hours for the fireworks display with the scorching heat.

We then walked toward the West Side Highway after the movie ended at around 8:15.

We’re guessing that this hotel had a high occupancy rate on that day. Spectacular views of the fireworks over the Hudson, for sure.

Crowded streets. I’m guessing that what we had experienced then was close to the New Year’s countdown at Times Square. Really glad that the fireworks display took just about 20 minutes or so.

When the clock struck 9:20PM, the crowd went wild for the Macy’s Fireworks display.

Good thing we were able to inch our way through the crowd to get closer to 12th avenue. The view was still obstructed and there was not much elbow room, but it was so much better than what we had when we first came.  I have no idea how to take good pictures of fireworks, but here are some of the photos I managed to take during the 20-minute fireworks display:

Hoping to see next year’s Fourth of July fireworks! Happy birthday, land of the free! Thanks so much for the opportunity.


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