K-Town Adventures

Four-faced clock atop the information booth, probably the most recognizable icon of Grand Central

Aisa and I started our adventure at Grand Central. The four-faced clock, the chandeliers, and the grand astrological ceiling never fail to amaze me.

Aisa and Annie taking a rest after the Delta Challenge

iconic NYC yellow cab

After Grand Central, we started walking toward Herald Square…

reached the Empire State Building (I’ve never been at its observation deck)…

and K-Town, eventually.

Funny how I’m starting to like K-Town. It’s all Aisa’s fault. Haha.

Then we found ourselves at WOORIJIP (translates to ‘our house’), which is just a stone’s throw away from Food Gallery 32. The restaurant is located at 12 W 32nd New York, NY 10001.

MUST-TRY: Bulgogi, Korean pancake, Spicy kimchi kimbap, kimchi fried rice

Woorijip features a fantastic pay-by-the-pound buffet display. So many to choose from!

The restaurant also offers ready-made food at affordable prices.

Aisa just had to answer the survey! I bet Woorijip got 5 stars from her.

Woorijip claims itself to be the best cheap Korean restaurant in Midtown and for good reason. I’ll certainly come back to this place and maybe buy a ready-made kimchi fried rice for me to enjoy at home.

After lunch, we went inside a nearby Asian store. Look at what we found:

Say what? Haha!

MELONA was my favorite ice cream during my 5th year in college. Karen and I would have this comfort food during our “Korean ice cream Fridays”, mainly to celebrate getting past through a grueling week of proving theorems and lemmas.

You have no idea how happy I was when I saw Melona at the store’s ice cream fridge.

Aisa got herself COOKIE & CREAM.

Tous les Jours Bakery also opened that Saturday.

Then, while waiting for TROPFEST NY to start at Bryant Park, we walked some more and stayed at NYPL to cool ourselves off on this bright and sunny day.

HSBC HQ in NYC. Wonder which company I’ll be working for…

Then off to Tropfest NY we go!


3 thoughts on “K-Town Adventures

  1. Next time we will try…SCREW. Hahahahaha. 😀 And sit on the ground Asian squat style. Or maybe not!

    ‘Kay Annie? …An important thing will not to forget!!!! (ANUDAW?! >_<)

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