Hugh Jackman with Josh Leake, Tropfest NY winner for directing “Emptys”

Born in Sydney, TROPFEST is now the world’s largest short film festival, attracting the world’s brightest and aspiring filmmakers to showcase their work to thousands of people who gather for the event. Now on its 20th year, Tropfest was launched in New York last June 23rd at Bryant Park. Hugh Jackman hosted the event and I thought that he did a terrific job.

Thousands of people gathered for the event!

It was bright and sunny and it really was a good day to watch films outdoors.

It was 3PM when Aisa and I got in the park – just in time for the screenings of featured past Tropfest winners.  “Lemonade Stand”, directed by Alethea Jones and the winner of Tropfest Australia 2012, was up first and garnered a huge round of applause from the audience:

I’ve also loved “BOO”, a Tropfest 2012 finalist, “Animal Beatbox”, a Tropfest 2011 winner, and “Photo Booth”:

To watch more Tropfest featured films, CLICK HERE.

After the short film screenings, we were entertained with live music from Milagres and internationally renowned Alexi Murdoch and Doveman. I think it was around this time when I dozed off as I lie on the cool grass.

I’ve been trying to capture perfect shots of the buildings the whole day.

I could stare at the clouds all day.

Then came the golden hour. Just look at that beautiful streak of sunlight!

Then Hugh Jackman took the stage to host Tropfest New York.

Hugh Jackman interviewing Jennifer Ross, who directed “Elevator”

Jennifer Ross, one of the finalists, has an interesting story to tell. She flew all the way from New Zealand and “Elevator” was the first film she shot. Working as a cleaning lady, she shot the film one early morning while the building was empty. It’s funny that she didn’t tell anyone about her being a finalist and her movie being premiered in NYC.

On stage are the film festival finalists and Elvis, who starred in the short film “Elvis: The Lonely Hunter of Circle Beach”. I absolutely loved and enjoyed watching that short film:

Josh Leake won the film festival with his short film “Emptys”, a documentary about people who collect beverage cans and bottles as their principal source of income.

Hoping to see next year’s Tropfest NYC!

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