Lunch at Koreatown

After applying for and searching for jobs at the NYPL, my friend and I went to Koreatown for lunch. I’ve never been to Koreatown before, so I was really glad to explore this side of Midtown.

ANYONG HASEYO! What I love about Food Gallery 32 is that there’s a lot to choose from and they give free samples!

This place gets busy around lunch time, but Food Gallery 32 has three floors of eating area.

General Tso’s Chicken, Taiwanese style

Yummy in my tummy! I got General Tso’s Chicken from Bian Dang and it was served with soup and my all-time favorite rice.

The walls are also decorated with fancy illustrations and quotes like this one:

We also went inside The Face Shop and tried several of their products. We also looked around the books on display at Koryo Bookstore, which is just beside The Face Shop.

I also found out that there’s also a BonChon Chicken branch in the area. I’ll come back for you, Koreatown!

Click one of the pictures below for a full-screen view of the gallery!


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