Introduction: Living an Extraordinary Life

The journey is the reward. – Stever Robbins

I just attended a seminar here at NYSSA (NY Society of Security Analysts) about how to live an extraordinary life. The speaker, Stever Robbins, and his philosophy, mirror those of what has been proved and experimented upon time and time again: that in order for a person to be truly happy, he or she must pursue the things that he or she truly loves, the very things that he or she would take on even without compensation.

He goes on to attack the myths of hard work (which he defines as doing things that you would rather not do), goals (which should just serve as a direction), planning, and pursuing gratification. What I find striking is that I have actively pursued these – being brought up with the Jesuit tradition of magis (“more”), I strived to be excellent in what I do.

He emphasized that the journey itself is the reward. For a life truly worth living, you should pursue fulfillment first, as success and opportunities would quickly fall in line with your passion. Looking back, have I truly spent the last two years of my life in an extraordinary way? Sure, I think I’ve done a great deal and attained good grades and traveled to some incredible places, but in the end, I’ve not made a lot of friends than I should have done. Maybe I didn’t really seize what Fordham and IPED offered me.

So I thought, what is it that would keep me going, that would wake me up in the morning?

What comes to mind is traveling and photography. I’m just so glad that I am pursuing these hobbies and that opportunities have come my way. I look forward to having another chance to fly abroad and explore places I’ve never been to. I also love writing, joining competitions, and exploring NYC. If the opportunity comes, I would love to teach kids Mathematics.

What I hope to achieve with this blog is to tell my story through pictures and to keep grounded with my passion.

Here’s to pursuing what really matters and being open to random things that life would throw at me.


The author in Mirabell Palace Gardens in Salzburg, Austria


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    1. Haha, ito nga! Nako, ang NYSSA talaga. Magsubscribe ka sa kanila! Okay yung seminars, may free refreshments when you’re in the lounge. Punta ka minsan, malapit lang yun sa office mo!

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